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Introducing the #1 award winning Carisma Spa & Wellness Malta, along with a lovely freebie!

Who loves a #spa day?

I absolutely adore them 😍

Especially at this time of year, when the days are a little darker and a little chillier. It’s just the perfect time for a little self #treat 😊

As well as being a wonderful treat, a spa day is extremely #therapeutic and packed full of #health and #wellness benefits..

Here are the top 5!

  1. Relieves stress - and boy we could all do with some of that right now eh?

  2. Improves #sleep

  3. Aids respiratory problems

  4. Promotes healthier #skin

  5. Eases tired muscles

These days our lives seem to totally revolve around our phones, and a spa day can provide us with a super opportunity for a temporary digital #detox.

So today, I’ve not one but two amazing announcements to share with you! 😀

My first announcement of the day is,

I'm extremely #proud to announce a new and #exciting #partnership with the #magnificent award winning Carisma Spa & Wellness chain in #Malta.

The Carisma Story

Carisma Spa & Wellness were established 30 years ago with their origins in #Turkey and they are world famous for their massages.

In fact the 6th of November saw Carisma celebrate a fabulous milestone, their 30th Anniversary, congratulations!

Carisma's expansion brought them thankfully 🙏 to #Malta in 2010 and since then the brand has gone from strength to strength!

Its flagship traditional Turkish Bath (Hammam), is the first and only of its kind in #Malta, and offers a #unique experience of #rejuvenation through #mind, #body and #soul.

From inception Carisma have been devoted to offering #excellence in service and have therefore established themselves as a pioneer of #beauty and #wellness.

Fast forward to 2020 and Carisma offers a #dazzling #holistic array of world-class #treatments serviced by a team of hand-picked, #dedicated and highly knowledgeable therapists.

It's therefore not at all surprising to learn that they have been recognized by the prestigious World Luxury Spa Awards for the last five consecutive years 🙌

Or also to learn that Carisma have achieved an amazing 99% customer satisfaction rate for their 3 decades of operations. Now that's truly awesome! 👏

Carisma's range of spa packages include a relaxing spa day spent chilling and rejuvenating by the pool, couples spa day packages, spa parties (subject to the current COVID guidelines), and an enviable array of treatments including massages and facials.

The Traditional Turkish Hammam Bath is an ancient bathing #ritual that is as popular today as it was in civilisations gone by.

The bath acts as a #sacred space that houses a cleansing ritual where relaxing warm water is used as the main component of the treatment leading to an emotional and physical detox.

This spa experience leaves you with relaxed muscles, improved blood circulation and relief from aches and pains.

Also available for purchase are Carisma's unique customisable spa gift cards which are available for every occasion - #birthdays, #anniversaries, Fathers and Mothers Day, #Christmas and #Easter, or simply to say I love you. 💕

You can truly personalise any spa day experience at Carisma.

Carisma Spas can be found in 6 locations across the island, so you're never too far away from a #pamper.

Spa's can be found within,

  • The Intercontinental Hotel, St George’s Bay

  • The new Hyatt Regency Hotel, St George’s Bay

  • The Qawra Palace Hotel, Qawra/Bugibba ( please be advised that due to the current difficult situation facing the hospitality industry that this hotel is temporarily closed )

  • The Seashells Resort at the Suncrest Hotel, Qawra

  • The Ramla Bay Resort, Ramla

  • Hugo's Hotels, St Julians (Opening December 2020)

Mimosa Mermaid Tip!

Check out the spectacularly priced Spa Day and complimentary lunch packages currently available 🤩

Now to the second announcement of the day! Time for another

To celebrate such a thrilling new partnership I'm delighted to be able to share with you a glorious freebie!

Book any Spa Day in Malta, massage, facial, Hammam ritual or spa gift card, then use my unique code at checkout or whilst booking via phone, to receive as part of your purchase, either

  • A complimentary head massage


  • A complimentary aloe vera face mask application

The #magical code to use at checkout is


See example booking cart below as to where to add my unique code at checkout.

(Once applied you can choose your complimentary treatment on the day.)

Even better, there is no limit to the amount of times you can use my code. allowing you to pamper until your hearts content.😀

All that's left for me to say now is enjoy my lovelies, and don't forget to tag me in your spa selfies! 😘

Instagram - @themimosamermaid

Facebook - @mimosamermaid

Twitter - @mimosamermaid1


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