About Me!


I'm Tracy, thank you so much for visiting my site!


I guess you may be pondering over its name? 😊

Pretty simple really, I love anything to do with the sea and I adore Champagne!


I'm particularly in love with the Mediterranean Sea, as this was the first water I swam in which didn't give me hypothermia 😂

As a Geordie lassie, the North Sea is just a tad bit chilly in comparison 🥶


Valletta Malta Champagne Sunshine www.mi

From the age of 9, (don't worry I only drank Fanta Orange bubbles back then 😆) I've been completely smitten 🥰 with the Maltese Islands of Malta, Comino and Gozo.

They are my safe haven, my go to place when I need to think, and when I need to recharge my soul.

The islands truly hold a magic!


I'm not sure if it's because of the centuries old history oozing out of every golden stone, or the deliciously warm sunshine 🌞 which caresses the skin for over 300 days of the year, or the friendliest happiest people you could ever wish to meet!

I just know I feel it, each and every time the wheels hit tarmac and I arrive in my second home. 😊

My travel blog, is a chronicle and encyclopaedia of all the adventures, experiences, and knowledge I've gleaned during my 40+ years of visiting my beloved islands. 


The travel photography 📷 I use is all my very own, captured through the eyes of a girl who believes the beauty of these islands is a true joy to behold.


The words? 🖋 All mine too and written from the heart ❤

I’m absolutely thrilled that you are still here 😆 🙏 and if you feel so far inspired, I’d be absolutely honoured to have you join my subscription list below. By doing so, you’ll never miss an update 🤗


In return, my promise to you is that every blog post will be packed full of information, presented with a sprinkle of my inimitable sense of humour, and accompanied by a visually beautiful, thoughtful and fun insight into what could soon be your very own second home too. 

Much love 




Mimosa Mermaid, "Where every bubble tells a story" - as in my life, it truly does! 😉

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