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My favourite restaurant in Xlendi, Gozo! Introducing Il Terrazzo!

Leaving Ta’ Pinu, I head towards #Xlendi ( pronounced Shlendy ) via the small village of Gharb and of course Victoria again - I now know the back streets here like the back of my hand 😆

Xlendi village is located on the South West coast of #Gozo, surrounded by the villages of Kerćem, Fontana and Munxar.

I have extremely fond #memories of this little village, one in particular, from many moons ago. A group of us travelled across one evening in a mini bus, taking the ferry at #sunset, which was just spectacular, watching the sun go down over the tiny island of #Comino as we passed by. After dinner, we popped to La Grotta nightclub which was a little way back up the hill on the right hand side of the road which leads back from Xlendi to Victoria. La Grotta launched back in 1986. If my memory serves me well, I think this evening was around 1990. The outdoor dance floor blew me away, as it had an unspoilt and magical view of the valley. So amazing that the UK newspaper The People declared it to be, "one of the most amazing dance floors in the Mediterranean" and the Miami Herald was even bolder to declare it as "the most beautiful nightclub in the world!"

Our friend Luis (who so very sadly is no longer with us, but who is eternally missed) was incredibly mischievous and two of our party kept asking when we were going to head back to the ferry. Luis winked at my Dad and said quietly “are you in a hurry to get back Terry?” To which he replied, “whey no” ( Geordie for no 😆) and Louis winked again. Luis and my Dad were actually having a lot of fun enjoying the Chivas Regal #whiskey promotion that was running that evening 🥃🥃🥃😆

Luis then gathered everyone together and when we arrived at the exit, he asked the security guy “excuse me can you tell me the time of the next ferry please?” To which he replied “6am”

It was 0215 😂

Luis winked at my Dad again and said, “best go get our seats back” 😆 Honestly it was hilarious. Luis knew all along this was going to be an all nighter 😆

I will never forget all of us ladies dancing on the dock at Mgarr to Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” whilst waiting for the ferry to come in, we were all in our party clothes 👗 👠 and everyone else had their suitcases 😂 ah memories!

Driving into Xlendi, the first thing I notice is that there are a lot of free parking spots, usually they are like gold dust here, but we are still out of season and of course we have the worry of the virus starting to settle in with us all.

I drive straight through the bay area and head towards a car park very near to my destination, which is the amazing Il Terrazzo restaurant! As well as the car park, there is also a bus stop just next door. Location wise, it doesn't get any better, on the below map, X marks the spot!

The restaurant address is,

Triq San Xmun Munxar

Xlendi, Gozo

Contact details are,

Email: Contact +356 99486978

Regular opening hours are midday through to 10pm, of course at the time I’m writing this the islands like ourselves have lockdown in place.

You can also contact the restaurant via Messenger on Facebook,

The majority of visitors to Xlendi don’t wander any further than the bustling tourist trap of the bay, with its gift stores and in high season, the "pack them in like sardines" restaurants hugging the beach. In my opinion, this is a huge mistake my lovelies.

Whilst facing the sea, take a walk along to the far left hand side of the beach where you will find a coastal path which runs parallel to the cliffs opposite. It’s a really lovely stroll, you can’t miss the restaurant, which is snuggled into the rock in a wonderful elevated position right at the mouth of the inlet.

Here you will find not only a table with the best views, but the most deliciously delectable food you will #taste on the island, beautifully presented. The choice is more than ample with all diets catered for, there’s honestly something for everyone! Everything is cooked fresh to order, and there is also a choice of the local catch of the day offered alongside the regular menu.

Owner Reggie Vella is so passionate about his food and the restaurant, Mirela who is taking great care of me today is lovely, and so very friendly.

I take a table with a #panoramic view, from here I can see the sea, all the way back to the bay, and also the Kantra Valley and Xlendi Tower! I’m feeling extremely #blessed.

The Xlendi Tower is the oldest free standing coastal watchtower on Gozo. Designed back in the 1600s, it’s purpose to keep smugglers, #pirates and quarantine invaders out of Xlendi Bay.

The weather is absolutely beautiful, there are people swimming in the bay, a couple of snorkellers 🤿 and a few ducks 🦆 to keep them company. I’m in absolute heaven, and I’m not in a rush to leave here anytime soon. This is food to savour and a view that’s quite simply #breathtaking.

The restaurant is on two levels, the bottom level reserved as a chill out #sundowner lounge in the high season with cool tunes and the best cocktails.

Perusing the menu, I’m really struggling to choose, I love fish and seafood and I’m torn between the fresh Swordfish and the fresh Calamari. After an internal tussle 😆 I decide upon the “Sword in the World” washed down with a glass of my favourite local rosé wine 🍷 I have to say that the wine list too is incredible.

Closing my eyes I exhale, I’m so relaxed and #happy right now, I’ve had a rough couple of months but I’m made of tough stuff, I often remind myself that my track record of getting through tough times so far is 💯 % and I think that’s pretty good! 💪

The rosé is deliciously sweet and the sun is caressing my shoulders, there’s a little upbeat music playing in the background, its just loud enough to enjoy and soft enough to not intrude upon my dining experience.

Oh hello! I’ve just been joined by a little adorable kitty cat 😻 he's the image of our family #cat we had when I was a little girl. I adore cats, and this one is just so friendly, cute and very chatty. He takes a pew on the wall and also seems to be enjoying drinking in the suns rays as much as me ☺️ Oh, he's off again, he's a very social chappie!

My lunch arrives, oh wow, it looks sooooooo good, and smells amazing. I’ve chosen to have my swordfish served with hasselback potatoes and roasted vegetables. The mint marinade is wonderful, really light and refreshing and most importantly it in no way detracts from the beautiful taste of this wonderfully fresh fish, rather, it adds to it! The roasted vegetables are quite simply delightful whilst the buttery potatoes are to die for. I’m savouring every bite. This is truly the #Mediterranean on a plate ♥️

My plate is clear I haven’t left a single morsel. 😋 I linger a little longer enjoying the last few sips of my lovely wine, and the warming rays of the sun, I feel so #lucky to be dining outdoors at the beginning of March. There is also a stylish indoors dining room too, for when the weather isn't as kind as it is today.

I really don’t want to leave, but I’m completely comforted by the fact that I know I will be back! I need to spend some time here with the girls, enjoying a delicious cocktail 🍹 or three watching the sunset 🌅 serenaded by chilled out vibes on the ground floor terrace. Followed of course by dinner upstairs, I really must have that “Black and White Calamari” it was such a close call between the two today 😊

My dear friends, I urge you to visit here, please add Il Terrazzo onto your “must visit on Gozo list.” Travel will open up again, and this my lovelies will be a real treat and something to very much look forward to. I just know that you’ll fall in love with this restaurant as much as I have.

I decide to take a little post lunch stroll down to the bay, which totally validates my choice of lunch venue. There’s something very special about Il Terrazzo. It’s not just somewhere to dine, it’s an experience and a memory which will live with you forever.

I stroll back up to the car, bidding the swimmers good day as they now sit drying off in the toasty #sunshine ☀️

Next stop for me is #Dwerja and the Inland Sea.

Until next week, stay safe and stay well my lovelies



Mimosa Mermaid

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Apr 26, 2020

You’ve got me convinced! I want to go to this restaurant and have a nice meal on the patio!!! 💙🧜🏻‍♀️😎❤️

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