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Long stay tourists to receive €100 incentive for off-peak holidays in Malta this year.

Has #Malta realised that a touristic recovery this summer is lost? Or are the powers that be looking more towards a long term recovery?

Malta Skyline with churches and clouds

News released yesterday by the Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo and Malta Tourism Authority Chairman Gavin Gulia announced another €1m tourism recovery incentive.

However this time it is aimed at senior long stay #tourists who wish to take holidays in #Malta and #Gozo in the off season months of October through to December.

The scheme will run from the 18th of October through to the 19th of December and is only available to adults over the age of 65 and who stay for longer that 15 days.

Truthfully I don't understand the reasoning behind the minimum age stipulation. Especially given the global #nomadic trend of remote working. To me, it seems silly to set such a limiting caveat.

I however #applaud the MTA for their foresight.

I'm all for any scheme which will help to boost the local economy and the smaller family owned and independent businesses which have suffered so badly during this awful #pandemic.

The vouchers will be able to be used in those restaurants, hotels, shops etc who are set up to accept the Maltese Government vouchers.

Is it going to be an easy incentive to take advantage of?

The official supporting document attached below quotes,

"The support will consist of a fixed €100 worth of vouchers per person aged 65 years and over, for a minimum booking of 15 nights, and which will be available for collection, upon arrival.

The Tourist will present a barcode provided by the International Tour Operator to the MTA representatives at the Malta International Airport Tourist Information Offce (Opening Hours Monday to Sunday 10:00hrs to 21:00hrs) or at the Valletta Triton Fountain Tourist Information Offce. (Opening Hours Monday to Saturday 9:00hrs to 17:30hrs, Sundays and Public Holidays 09:00hrs to 13:00hrs"

MTA Long Stay Tourist Incentive
Download PDF • 15.96MB

So seems easy enough eh! But first we need to understand who the "International Tour Operators" are going to be.

It sounds very much that this incentive will only be available to those booked on package holidays rather than those who choose to dynamically package.

I guess for now, we just need to watch this space until we receive the list of operators, oh and for the #islands and the #UK to open up a little more eh!

Until next time have a wonderful #weekend everyone. Take care and stay safe my lovelies.

Tracy 😘

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