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Claim €100 Euros towards the cost of scuba diving in Malta, Gozo and Comino this year!

The good news just keeps on coming! 😀

This awesome offer is for all you scuba diving fanatics out there!

Malta Tourism Authority have just announced a brand new incentive in support of #Scuba #Diving #Tourism in the Maltese Islands.

The crystal clear blue waters of the Maltese Islands are perfect for scuba diving. #Malta, #Gozo and #Comino all offer some extremely unique #diving experiences. There are oodles of reefs, caves, and wrecks to explore. The calmness and clarity of the #Mediterranean sea offers amazing visibility and the chances of encountering dangerous fish are very low. These conditions make the islands so very attractive for experienced scuba divers and novices alike.

Scuba diving in Malta
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Depths of dives vary, from the shallow 12 metre dive at Għar Lapsi, to the more challenging Lantern Point, with its underwater tunnel leading down to to a depth of well over 50 metres.

Scuba diving in Malta
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This brand new MTA scheme offers a contribution towards scuba diving costs for #tourists visiting the Maltese Islands in 2021.

The scheme comes into play in June and will last until the end of the year, or when the pot has been depleted, whichever comes first. A sizeable budget of €750,000 has been allocated.

How to apply

Tourists can apply for their €100 here

Terms and Conditions

  • A copy of a return flight ticket must be uploaded upon application, along with a copy of your passport or ID card depending upon nationality.

  • Unutilised funds may not be carried over.

  • No restrictions to the tourists country of origin, but sadly not available to residents of the islands.

Please see below a handy FAQ document which should answer any additional questions you may have.

MTA Support towards Scuba Diving Tourism
Download • 219KB

Lastly, a link to a list of all of the MTA licensed dive centres across the islands.

Dive in 😆 my lovelies and claim your €100 while the budget lasts.

Scuba diving in malta
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Wishing you all a super Saturday!

Tracy 😘

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Craig McKay
Craig McKay
Apr 24, 2021

Excellent news! Another great incentive to help the tourism related industries of Gozo and Malta. 😀👍👏

Mimosa Mermaid
Mimosa Mermaid
Apr 24, 2021
Replying to

I love this incentive, there are an estimated 3.5million scuba divers in Europe, this is a huge opportunity to attract scuba tourism to the islands and to highlight the islands as a scuba diving destination

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