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Let's keep dreaming and planning!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Hello my lovelies, how are you all holding up? Aren’t we all in the midst of such an unprecedented and uncertain time? 😔

Some of us have had travel plans cancelled and others are holding on to see how this situation unfolds before booking. Lots of us have not only financial worries but are also in social distancing situations, quarantined or self quarantined - we have a tough time ahead.

I did think about parking my blog for the moment and then I thought, no Tracy, if ever an escape from reality was needed , it’s right now, even if it can only be of the virtual kind.

Therefore if it’s ok with everyone I’d really like to carry on sharing some awesome new places I’ve found, and some new hints, tips and ideas. That way we can all hit the ground running when normality resumes, and it will.

Let’s keep the love and light shining brightly through these dark times, and let’s keep remembering just how good our next holiday is going to feel - and how precious it’s going to be to spend that time with our loved ones, family and friends. 😊

Please do leave comments, let’s start conversations and please do add people to my page or share with anyone who you feel needs an escape too 😊 expect more frequent posts albeit they will be smaller, or maybe an image which tells a story or I will be sharing some video posts in typical quirky Tracy style 😆

(The photo above will feature in a future blog, and yes there is a story attached to that one too 😂)

My Mimosa Mermaid Family, I’m thinking of you all, stay safe and I’m sending you big hugs. We will get through this 💪🏻

Tracy 😘

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