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First ever Malta to Gozo fast ferry service to launch in June!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Guys, we have not one but two new kids on the #Gozo block!

Sorry I couldn't resist 😆

For the first time EVER there will be a fast ferry service between the islands, which will take less than 45 minutes! 🙌🙌

From 1st June 2021, two confirmed shipping operators will be providing direct Fast Ferry passenger only services between the harbour of #Mgarr in #Gozo and #Valletta the capital of #Malta. ⛴⛴

Transport Minister Ian Borg and Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri announced earlier this year that the shipping market on this route would be open to multiple operators following three previous failed tender attempts to secure a vendor. (The decision having been made by the Cabinet of Ministers.)

Any operator who was interested in offering this service would be invited to tender, so long as they met a set of criteria set by the Transport Authority. One of those criteria and the most important, was that the duration of the journey must be less than 45 minutes.

There are so many positives to this good #news!

  • Reduced ticket prices for Gozitans residents will remain

  • Free access for passengers to the Upper Barrakka Gardens Lift in #Valletta for ease of access to the #city

  • Majorly reduced journey times between the islands for #commuters and #tourists alike

  • The reduced journey time will encourage tourists to consider a two centre #holiday, which will aid both islands economy.

Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri has confirmed the #investment of €5 million to be used for ferry landing infrastructures in both Mġarr and Valletta.

In Valletta, the terminal will be located very close to the Victoria GAte and just steps away from the lift to the Upper Barraka Gardens and Castille Square.

Artist impression of Grand Harbour Terminal Valletta

The two operators are,

Photo courtesy of Gozo Fast Ferry Ltd

A rather wise choice of name I feel in a competitive market, Gozo Fast Ferry Ltd will operate their service utilising two state of the art high speed craft equipped with the latest technology, and each capable of carrying a staggering 300 passengers!

Speedy boarding is ensured with a variety of payment options being accepted including contactless debit/credit cards, mobile wallet and even smartwatch! 💳

The operator has announced that they will be collaborating with Malta Public Transport who provide the islands bus services across the island, thus ensuring that users who hold a Tallinja Card, are offered a "value-added, seamless, interoperable and fast journey."

Photo courtesy of Gozo Fast Ferry Ltd

These guys have got it going on!

Their schedule can be viewed here and fares here

Photo courtesy of Virtu Ferries

Virtu' Ferries have also announced that they too will be throwing their hat in and also running a Malta-Gozo fast-ferry service from June.

The operator is looking to replicate the #success it has achieved over the past 33 years of #international operations between Valletta in Malta and Pozzallo in #Sicily.

Virtu will offer their customers the same high level of service to which they have become accustomed to #enjoying on this new #domestic route.

With confirmation just being received of their successful bid, such short notice forces the operator to initially utilise a ferry from their existing fleet.

Once up and running Virtu will be exploring having a ferry built especially for the Mgarr- Valletta service. This proposed new ferry will of course be super #environmentally #friendly, and will therefore #respect the stringent Emission Regulations and guidelines issued by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Photo courtesy of Virtu Ferries

A #bold statement and a thing of #envy for any other competitor, Virtu will strive even further to accomplish “Zero Emissions” as soon as such advanced technology for craft of this type becomes available.

Below, you can find pricing and schedule information,

I'm loving all the positive news at the moment, long may it continue 🙏

Take care and speak soon

Tracy 😘


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