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Blog - The BEST Travel Bag!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

This blog contains an affiliate link which may reward me in the event of a sale. I will use any monies received to fund my champagne habit 😆 thank you all dearly sweeties for keeping my fizz flowing 🙏 Please be assured that I only recommend items which I have personally bought, use and love, and which will be offered to you at no additional cost. I pledge today and always to only have your best interests at heart 😘

Have you ever experienced total bag envy? I'm not ashamed to say I have! 🙈😆

Back in February at a networking lunch, my good friend showed me her new bag 😍

I instantly fell in love with it and simply had to have one. I’d never heard of the brand, but now I’m totally infatuated with it.

I was planning on showcasing my beloved bag and running through the many reasons why I think this is the perfect travel bag in a couple of weeks time. However I'm pushing through this extra blog this week as I truly don't want you to miss out on a magnificent discount being offered by Mia Tui right now.

Would you like to see why? Ooh I’m so excited to share this with you, I’m sure you are going to fall as deeply in love with this bag and brand as I have.

Without further ado my lovelies, please allow me to introduce you to........drum roll.........the BEST travel bag designed by my absolute saviours Mia Tui!

I love love, love, love this brand, and I don't know how I ever coped without this bag in my life! 😍

Mia Tui are a small UK family business but their offering is staggering. The Jennie Travel Bag, hand on heart, is the best I've ever had or seen anywhere on my travels. Their strap line is “A bag for all reasons” and boy is that true.

Jennie never left my side during my #Gozo #adventure in March. You can fit so much in, even my #Canon camera fitted in there with ease. Everything has its place, so you can never lose anything, especially with the addition of the very pretty blue lining. Oh and did I mention that the lining is waterproof too? 🙌

Please allow me to recap what’s included for you, to save rewinding, pausing and making notes 📝😆 aww I know I like to look after you all ☺️

First and foremost the bag is made of a beautiful quality ultra soft faux leather, and is #Vegan friendly. Even more awesome, you get to choose from an astounding palette of 21 beautiful colours 🎨

You have the super pocket on the back which slips over the handle of your suitcase (standard suitcase handles of 38cms wide) for ease of navigating queues, airports, rail stations etc.

Inside the bag you have pockets which come with their very own clutch bag (with wrist strap and a detachable cross body strap) along with the clear toiletries bag. The pockets are big enough to easily take an #iPad, #Kindle or tablet.

As you can see in my video Jennie is a really generously sized travel bag, the dimensions are W40cm, D15cm, H25cm. It still fits comfortably under the seat in front of you onboard the aircraft too, tried and tested onboard #EasyJet!

I would say though that if you are 5ft 5 or under, for comfort, you may wish to consider instead the Mini Jen bag, which still offers ample room.

Then we have the fabulous additions of,

  • 2 Insulated water bottle holders (bottles not included) - fits water bottles up to 500mls in size. (One I use to house my selfie 🤳 stick)

  • Extremely handy key clip

  • Phone pocket

  • Pen holder

  • Hands-free shoulder strap

  • Metal studs on the bottom of the bag for protection

What’s not to love eh!

Well how’s about adding a whopping 30% discount!!! 💕

Option 1 - The Jennie Travel Bag with 30% discount

Follow this link to Mia Tui and use code Travel30 at checkout and you will receive the Jennie bag for the super duper reduced price of £38.50 instead of £55.00. Better again that price also includes UK delivery 😃

Option 2 - The Travel Bundle offering two accessories worth £31!

There is also the Travel Bundle offer which I mentioned in the video.

Again this offers a huge discount, you simply pay the full cost of the Jennie bag and then you receive two wonderful accessories worth over £30 totally free!

When I purchased mine, the set included a pack of very sturdy packing cubes and the Alex beach bag. The bundle has been updated, the cubes are still included and the beach bag swapped out for the security and peace of mind when travelling of a secure RFID wallet. No one is going to skim your 💳 using this 🙌

I always use packing cubes to save space in my suitcase and to make it easier and quicker to pack and unpack! Why waste time when there is a glass of fizz waiting 😆

They are large enough to pack your jeans, shorts, skits inside, swimwear, anything delicate which has a chance of snagging or clicking, and they can also be labelled! Woo hoo!

To purchase the bundle, follow this link to Mia Tui, then add your choice of Jennie or Mini Jen to your cart. Then add your choice of packing cubes and wallet. At checkout use code Travel20 and the total will magically 💫 reduce from £86 to £55, which again includes UK delivery.

Great news for my friends around the world too, for deliveries outside of the UK, the delivery cost is only an extra £5.99! Wherever you are in the world, Jennie can be yours too!

This would truly make a wonderful #gift, or a self treat in preparation for our next #holiday, which is very much something to look forward to isn’t it.

I feel really special using mine, it’s just so smart, but so #practical too. The price point is amazingly modest too for such astonishing quality.

I was very much looking forward to sharing my find with you all, and I'm now delighted I've been able to do it a little sooner and save you some pennies in the process!

Have a super day everyone, I will be back on #Sunday with the next instalment of my Gozo adventure 😘

Until then, take care, stay safe and happy shopping 🛍😉


Mimosa Mermaid

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