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Underwater Malta - The Virtual Museum.

The Maltese Archipelago is an absolute mecca for divers.

But not all of us are skilled in that area. I for one often feel that I'm really missing out on all of the wonder and beauty which lies beneath the surface of the beautiful azure blue and aquamarine Mediterranean Sea which lovingly laps the islands.

I was ecstatic therefore to discover Underwater Malta - The Virtual Museum

Here's a little more about the project,

Advances in technology provide this astounding opportunity to explore the underwater world without getting wet! The use of powerful cameras and special underwater lights enable us to capture Malta’s underwater cultural heritage in such a way as to make it accessible to everyone, whilst also allowing the public to dive into history. The creation of this digital record contributes to the continued effort for the preservation and protection of Malta’s submerged cultural heritage for future generations.

Isn't it just so exciting!

Here is a little snippet of the hard work which has gone into bringing the amazing images you can see of the time capsules hidden away which we can now explore.

Just how amazing are these 3D images?

There is so much to virtually explore, I found a good place to start is with this map

The islands have such a colourful and eclectic history, this virtual underwater museum is an absolutely awesome addition to those you may have already discovered above ground.


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