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Travel onboard a Vintage Malta Bus!

One of my most cherished memories is my first trip onboard a Malta bus.

I'm not talking about the Malta Public Transport ninja green modern buses we see now, oh no, I'm talking brightly coloured nostalgia!

As a little girl a trip onboard a Malta bus was like stepping back into another time! It was an adventure, an experience, you could spot your sunshine coloured bus a mile away, and the excitement began to build as this beautiful vehicle approached. Your journeys then were onboard a beautifully maintained, ornate inside and out, 1950's or 1960's British manufactured, Bedford, AEC, Leyland or Ford bus!

These buses were a thing of beauty, and very much recognisable, and immediately associated with Malta. They formed a huge part of the islands charm, a little bit of yester year. And at such a young age I was and still am completely smitten with them.

It was a sad day indeed when they were retired and thus completely vanished from operation. They were initially replaced with ugly, and far too big for the roads, Arriva vehicles. Thankfully these monstrosities didn't last too long and we now have a fleet of modern Malta Public Transport buses to get us from A-B. But that's all they do, they get us from A-B. It's often an experience, but for all the wrong reasons.

However fear not! The wonderful people at Supreme Travel and "Malta Vintage Bus City Tour" have come to our rescue!

We can now step back in time again into the golden age of bus travel in Malta, by hopping onboard their spectacularly restored vintage Malta buses!

The journey offered is a circular route, Sliema, Mdina, Valletta, Sliema. The bus leaves from outside of M&S on the Strand in Sliema and leisurely travels along the seafront via St. Julian's to Mdina. You can join the service from all bus stops between Sliema and St Julians simply by sticking your arm out indicating you'd like to board.

The price is fantastic, it's just €5 for a day ticket (cash only), or €2.5 for a one way journey. There is no need to pre-book, you simply board this epic bus and pay your wonderful driver.

There is also an awesome Sunday bus service to Marsaxlokk Market.

During my recent visit to Malta this was pretty much at the top of my list of things I had to do.

I absolutely adored my journey from Sliema to Mdina, and truly didn't want my journey to end. My driver Salvu was wonderful, so friendly and it was evident just much he loved his job and cared for this precious bus.

You don't even have to get off, you could simply stay onboard and enjoy a fabulously unique journey taking in the islands spectacular scenery enroute.

I'd encourage you to follow their Facebook page at the link above, as schedules are posted there.

Do pop this on your list, trust me you'll love it!


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