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Travel Blog - Wied il-Ghasri, Gozo.

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

I’m extremely wistful this morning as I have to leave my beautiful farmhouse which has been my majestic home for the last three days. As I close the door, I remind myself how blessed I am to have stayed here and how there are oodles more adventures ahead.

I’m half way through my trip, and my friends and family are starting to update me on events back home. The Premier League football season has been cancelled, all but essential travel to Italy ceased. I need to google the situation here in the Maltese Islands! Ohhhhhh 😮 a travel ban has been placed on arrivals from Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland, in addition to the ban which stands already on Italy.

I’m due to travel home to the UK Saturday! Aw I will be ok, I’m sure 😳😆 and there really are much worse places to get stuck 😆

I’m loving my time here, these islands have and will always be a place of comfort, healing and hope for me. I’m starting a new chapter in my life, and I’m truly excited at what lies ahead. I’m back in the driving seat and literally too as I’m now sat in my car 😆

My first stop this morning, is I guess you could say, is just down the road 😆 Albeit a rough, meandering, steep one from Zebbug! I’ve been up with the larks again, and am ready to hit the ground running! There is a lot to cover today before I board the ferry back to Malta.

Wow, the road is actually super steep, with lots of pot holes, but I’m the only person on it which means I can keep pulling in and taking some awesome shots of the coastline below. I’ve only driven this road uphill, never downhill and it’s definitely a great test for the breaks 😆

These islands never cease to take my breathe away. Google maps is again leading the way, and I reach a real rough patch of road which narrows, there is a car parked here, so I decide to park up too and stroll the rest of the way. Beautiful brightly coloured fields of wild flowers line the road to my left.

As there’s a lot of farmland on Gozo, it’s more abundant than Malta in insect life. There are insects here of every description and may I add size 😳 🦟 Oh and I absolutely adore the super fast small lizards 🦎 which dart about everywhere! They're just so cute.

I used to be absolutely terrified of everything which flew here!

I remember an occasion in my early teens, when my Dad had hired a car rather than a Jeep and we were driving the coastal road from St Julians to Bugibba. I was in the back and had my window open. This utter monster of a buzzing bug flew in right past my nose and started whacking itself angrily against the other window trying to get out.

I was completely hysterical and had my arms around my Dads neck yelling, “Stop the car, stop the car” My Mam hates buzzy things as much as me so she too joined in the panic and added to the cacophony 😆

For all of you who remember the old coast road it was a bit like the "Whacky Races” 😆 and it took my poor Dad a couple of minutes to be able to safely pull in, when he did, Mam and me literally dived out 😆

I will never forget the look on my Dads face when he saw it, as he had no idea why we had been screaming at him! 😮 Even he was apprehensive! I think he exclaimed something like 🤬😆 and it took him ages to flick it safely out of the car from a distance. We continued the rest of the journey expiring in the summer heat with the windows firmly closed 😆

To this day, and thankfully may I add, I’ve never seen another one of those huge insects with the bonny coloured stripes 😆

Walking down this rough path now to my destination, reminds me of that day. Looking back it’s hilarious, me having a choke hold on my Dad whilst he was driving 😆 and him clueless as to what all of the hysteria was about.

The borders are a buzzing and there’s all kinds of insects flying around me, but Tracy is much braver now, 😆 I’m just gracefully wafting them away and happily enjoying the stroll.

It’s taken me around 15 minutes to slowly stroll here from the car. Hmmmmm, I most definitely think I’ve chosen the wrong footwear 😆 I have my flip flops on and oh, white jeans. There’s 98 (I counted) steep steps down to navigate.

Oh would you like to know where I am? I guess that would help 😆

I’m at Wied il-Ghasri, Wied being Maltese for Valley. I’ve heard it’s beautiful and I’m just about to find out!

Two Italian fellas (wearing trainers 👟😆) reach the steps at the same time as me, I point to my feet 😆 and ask them to go first, trying to indicate it may take me some time to descend 😅 That along with a hand signal to go, and a “prego” eventually do the trick.

Then its time for me to "andiamo" 😆 I have to really take my time on the way down, at first there is very little to see but then the steps turn and wow! 🤩 I’m knocked out, it’s absolutely breath-taking here.

Wied il-Ghasri is an extremely secluded inlet with a tiny pebbly beach which is wedged between very high cliffs. The water is crystal clear today, it's almost sparkling in the sunlight. It's quite simply captivating and is truly any travel photographers dream 😍

I decide I’m going to be a little greedy here, taking my time so much so, that the guys will be leaving as I arrive. 😆

At the half way point is the perfect spot to take some amazing shots, so I linger quite a while here. Ah yes, here they come back up and there’s room for them to pass me this time. As I approach the inlet, the last few steps are rough rocks and very steep, therefore I take baby steps. Hurrah! I made it without injury.

Oh my goodness I’m completely spellbound, it is tiny but perfectly formed and it’s rugged natural beauty is simply stunning.

I can honestly say I’ve never been to a bay this beautiful. It feels ethereal, almost mystical. I can just imagine how magical it is here in the even warmer months to take an early morning swim or to watch a mesmerising sunset. 😍🌅

I can see a small party descending the steps now accompanied by their tour guide - alas I will no longer be alone, unless of course I linger again 😆

Which I do, I’m not taking up too much space really am I 😉

After about 20 minutes I have the bay all to myself again. It’s just heavenly. I actually feel like I’m in paradise. I’ve been so blessed on this trip.

The water in this inlet is completely hypnotic as it softly caresses the tiny pebbled beach, in its various striking shades of blue and green.

I step to take another amazing shot and my flip flop sinks into the pebbles - so much so my foot slides and my toes fall out! I’m nearing the splits 😆 Then as much as I try to remain upright I crash land right down into them on my bottom 😣

I’m up as quickly as my balance allows! Oh my god did anyone see that? 😆

First thing I think is, oh my word I’m in white trousers but miraculously they have remained white, I’m sure my rear however hasn't been as lucky and will now be turning a dark shade of purple/black 😆😆

I find it hilariously funny and start laughing 😂 and praise the Lord that I don’t have a soggy bottom 😆

The inlet is considered as one of the prime diving areas of the Maltese islands 🤿 with a number of naturally formed underwater caves to explore. One of the highlights is Ghar ir-Rih, or the Windy Cave. It’s also dubbed the Cathedral Cave or Dome Cave due to its mushroom shaped opening. Sea life often spotted in this area includes, Tuna, Dentex, Amberjack, Grouper, Damselfish and sometimes if you are lucky, you can even spot a seahorse! 🐠 🐟

To get here, you can of course drive like myself, there’s lots of room on the road where I parked up. You can also can walk from nearby Xwejni Bay, 3kms away. It’s a gorgeous coastal walk 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️passing the Salt Pans. You could also cycle 🚲, but be prepared for a bumpy ride part of the way. Once here there is an area to secure your bike at the top of the steps.

Sadly and reluctantly I really need to move on, and I start to pack my bag back up. There is still so much more to fit in before I board the Gozo Ferry ⛴ later this afternoon.

My lovelies, I implore you to add Wied il-Ghasri to your Gozo “must visit” list, you truly won’t be disappointed. I promise you’ll be leaving as smitten as I am right now.

Until next Sunday, I’m wishing you all a super week, and praying you stay safe and keep well.

Lot's of love,


Mimosa Mermaid

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