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Travel Blog - The best sunset in Gozo 🌅

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Who loves a good sunset?

I absolutely adore sunsets, there’s something magical and emotional about them! A metamorphic sky, the pink, orange, red, and sometimes green hues, the sun which has warmed our bones, heading off to sleep, I stay right until its all tucked up for the evening.

I’m off now to what I consider to be the best #sunset in #Gozo. You’ll soon see why 😊

Would you like to join me?

I’ve given myself a little extra time as this hidden gem is amazing. I want to explore a little and spend the full golden hour here, plus there’s only room for a couple of cars so I have my fingers crossed there’s space for me.

Not a lot of people are aware of my destination, as it’s a little off the beaten track. Although you can walk here from #Xlendi in around an hour following the coastal path 🚶‍♀️

So where are we going? Ooh the suspense 😆

Ok, I'll tell you, but you must promise to keep it our secret 🤫😉............we are off to...…... Sanap Cliffs!

I’ve visited Sanap Cliffs during the day too and I’m literally besotted with this area. It’s probably one of the most #Instagrammable views on the island of Gozo, and is every travel photographers dream!

There is a super little walk on a proper path, which is suitable for a wheelchair or stroller, you can continue onwards but it turns to rough ground. Please note though that there aren’t any toilet facilities here. You also need to be a little careful too, as its a sheer drop in places. 😱

The cliffs here offer a magnificent view as it’s one of the highest points on the island, located on the south coast, #Malta is visible from here too.

If you are driving here, the final road to the cliffs is, how shall we say it,.........terrifying? 😆

It’s just wide enough to drive the car through, and I’m having to stop a few times to let those people walking, squeeze past. I’m praying a car doesn’t come towards me as I would truly hate to reverse out of here with the rough, uneven stone walls either side. 🙈

Thank the Lord, I’m here. There is one car here already, so I have to drive into the other spot. I’m now sat here thinking 🤔 how in the world am I going to get out again 🤔 Hurrah, the couple who have the other car arrive back with their dog, pack up and drive off. Right, now to turn my car around and reverse it back in so I can drive straight out. All bearing in mind there is a sheer drop behind me, and this car doesn’t have reverse parking cameras 🙈

After a 15 point turn I’m in, and still on the cliff 😆 🙌

Time for another stroll, it’s staggeringly beautiful here, the cliffs twist and the colours are mesmerising. Couple this with the vivid yellow wild flowers at this time of year and I’m rendered speechless and trust me, it takes a lot for that to happen 😆

Below the cliffs, an azure blue #Mediterranean #Sea stretches as far as the eyes can see. It’s an extremely serene and #ethereal setting.

The path meanders and twists along with the cliffs, and as the light of the day starts to change and golden hour approaches, the kaleidoscope of colours is spectacular. The handful of locals here are either walking their dogs or exercising, and I pass two elderly gentleman enjoying the cooler late afternoon air, and catching up on village life.

I walk until the path stops and the rough ground takes over and explore a little. I’m trying to work out where will be the best place to sit to watch the sunset. It’s a tough decision but finally I decide I want to be higher up.

I head back towards the car, and as sunset nears the temperature dips so I grab my light coat and a scarf and start a low stroll towards the very top of the cliffs.

This path is rough too, and to my left there are small patches of farmland, a couple being tended to by their owners. There is also a couple of curious huts which I am pretty sure are used for bird watching, but I do think they may also be to escape from the wife 🤷‍♀️ 😆

This looks like my spot, a perfect little rock seat with a breathtaking view. I'm the only person up here and I settle in to watch the show.

Are you ready? Let the show begin!

It’s so quiet, just the sound of the waves below, and a little occasional birdsong. I feel so comfortable, chilled and relaxed, the only thing that could possibly make this experience any better, would be if I didn’t have the car and had a glass of fizz instead 😆 ah, next time 😉

I’m in a contemplative and reflective mood, I feel exceedingly blessed to be sat here right now.

I’d really like to capture a couple of shots of the sun melting finally into the sea from the elevated main road in, so reluctantly I stand up ( I have to do this very carefully as I’m not really into cliff diving 😆) and head back down to the car.

I make it along the narrow road without incident 😆 and just reach the main road in time. Wow, awesome decision, I just catch the suns sleepy head as it falls into slumber.

What a special way to end a very special day! I can’t believe I’ve managed to pack so much in! A wondrously humbling visit to a National Shrine, my absolute favourite restaurant in Xlendi, a staggering fort dating back to the 1600’s, fossils, an inland sea, stunning cliffs and a fantastic sunset!

I'm a very lucky lady, and there are more adventures ahead again tomorrow! I'm beyond excited!

I’m delighted to be able to share with you all my Gozo #adventure. Writing this, brings everything back in such vivid colour and very much makes me smile.

I'm thinking of you all, and hoping that you are all safe and sound in your lockdowns.

As its VE 75 weekend, in Sir Winston Churchill’s words, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

We will meet again and we will get back to our beloved second home soon 😘

Take care and stay safe


Mimosa Mermaid

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