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Tour Malta aboard an old Maltese bus!

It's not just Jonny Vegas who has fallen head over heels in #love with the iconic old Maltese buses. He moved #heaven and #earth to bring his beloved "Patricia" back to the UK.

jonny vegas and patricia his yellow maltese bus

If you've had the absolute pleasure of travelling aboard one of these historic gems I just know you'll have loved the experience too.

Until 2011, the islands of #Malta and #Gozo were served by a fleet of English manufactured buses, many being Leyland and Ford, which dated as far back as the 1950's although predominantly from the 60's and 70's.

I hold my #memories of my travels aboard very dear in my heart.

You see it wasn't just a bus ride, it was an #adventure!

Each bus was beautifully painted in bright yellow and orange, similar in colour to the rays of the warm #Mediterranean sun, and they oozed all the character and nostalgia of yesteryear.

There was no door, so your journey was always accompanied by the heady aroma of diesel. The sliding windows (or air conditioning) usually didn't slide!

The drivers were never in any rush either, you reached your destination when you reached it!

I was always intrigued by the religious images and crucifixes which took pride of place around the drivers cabin. They were so ornate and beautiful.

The drivers used to sit at an angle too, not seeming to directly face them? A mark of devotion and respect maybe?

The stairs were so steep to climb that on really hot days you were left breathless when you reached the top!

You also had to rush to find a seat before the driver set off too, otherwise there was a good chance you'd end up kissing the floor, or landing in someone's lap as the breaks were so ferocious, or perhaps that had more to do with the drivers foot 😆

The worn and battered leather seats were teeny tiny, you really did get up close and personal with your fellow passengers. If you took a seat over the wheel arches you could forget all about putting your feet flat to the floor, instead, your knees were practically up to your chest!

Interior of an old maltese bus

Aw the good old days, I wouldn't have changed them for the world.

Well my lovelies, I have some super news for you, the bygone days are back!

Thanks to the awesome Malta Bus Co-op we can all hop back onboard!

The Co-Op has lovingly restored a fleet of 21 of these beauties, and they offer a selection of #sightseeing tours across the island.

picture of old maltese bus bright yellow at night on a tree lined street

5 different tours are offered,

  • Cultural

  • Historical

  • Traditional

  • Malta by Night

  • Southern tour

To give you an idea of the offering, the Southern Tour takes place on a Sunday and lasts around 5 hours.

On this tour you get to enjoy the staggering beauty of the Blue Grotto/Wied iz-Zurrieq and take in the famous Sunday market at the picturesque fishing village of #Marsaxlokk.

Marsaxlokk is renowned for its bountiful fish #restaurants and the myriad of brightly coloured #Luzzu (traditional Maltese fishing boats) bobbing about in the dazzling azure blue waters of its bay.

Image of Marsaxlokk harbour, its market, fishing boats and a church in the background

Various pick up and drop off points are offered as part of the tour (the company is based in #Mellieha and that will be the first pick up and last drop off point).

Pricing is fabulous,

  • €12.00 for adults

  • €8.00 for kids aged 3 - 10

  • Children up to the age of 2 travel free

Row of maltese buses all in a line in green blue and yellow

If you are looking for something a little different, the Co-Op also offers wedding transport, transfers and bespoke tour options too.

All aboard!!

You can find the Maltese Bus Co-Op at,

Triq l-Gholjiet,


Mellieha, Malta

(+356) 21573900

(+356) 79005559

(+356) 79550059

Until next time my lovelies, have a super week and speak soon,



Photo credits to The Daily Telegraph, Oxford Chiltern Bus Page and Malta Bus Co-Op.


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