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KM-Malta the new airline of the Maltese Islands on sale 01 December.

Great news - we will be able to book flights with new national carrier KM-Malta Airlines from the 1st of December.

As reported earlier the airline will take over the services of Air Malta, which is closing down on 30 March 2024.

In a statement, Air Malta said: “The transition to KM-Malta has been carefully planned for a significant amount of time. It’s business as usual for Air Malta until 30 March. The new airline KM-Malta Airlines will commence on 31 March.”

There aren't too many changes ahead, flight schedules for services from London Heathrow and Gatwick will remain the same for summer 2024, and the KM flight prefix will also remain. What remains to be seen is the new pricing structure.

Air Malta bookings were suspended last month after the Maltese Government announced it was closing the loss-making airline because the European Union refused to allow a fresh injection of state aid. Which is fair, as state aid is only a band aid.

At the same time it was announced it would transfer Air Malta’s routes, its eight Airbus A320 aircraft, and all staff to the new entity, KM-Malta, which is also owned by the government.

Prime Minister Robert Abela has promised "the transition to the new airline will be largely seamless"

You can read the full official statement here


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