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Kinnie now with a kick!

Kinnie - The Mediterranean Classic since 1952
Image courtesy of Farsons Brewey

Who loves #Kinnie? Who has heard of #Kinnie?

Pronounced Kin-i, Kinnie is Malta's #famous and very well loved amber coloured, bitter-sweet soft drink with an #orange and aromatic herb flavouring.

It's a versatile little drink, it can be served simply over ice with a slice (of orange of course!) or mixed with your favourite spirit, or even added into your favourite #cocktail. 🍹

The drinks tagline is "The Mediterranean classic since 1952" and the #recipe has always been kept top #secret although the drinks own website does give a little hint as to its unique ingredients,

“Kinnie owes its bitter-sweet taste to the blend of Maltese Mediterranean chinotto bitter oranges, combined with an infusion from a dozen different aromatic herbs and spices such as anise, ginseng, vanilla, rhubarb and liquorice. One major advantage Kinnie has over a majority of other soft drinks is that only natural ingredients are used”

Farsons Kinnie Malta soft drink
Photo courtesy of Farsons brewery

Notable moments in Kinnie's history

  • Launched by #Farsons in 1952 as direct competition to the #cocacola market. The late Anthony 'Sur-Nini' Miceli Farrugia, of Farsons wanted to create a drink which would be distinctly #Mediterranean in taste.

  • Diet Kinnie launched in 1984

  • In 2007 Farsons launched Kinnie Zest, a one-calorie variant with an enhanced orange flavour and zero sugar.

  • Kinnie is made available to buy on the giant #online #shopping platform #Amazon in 2011

  • In 2018 a new brand identity was launched, focusing on the core key values of the brand and enhancing its positioning as "The Mediterranean Classic Since 1952."

Sound #yummy? 🤔

Well, for me the jury has always been out! I find it a very acquired taste, and I always compare it to #Marmite, you're either going to love it or hate it!

It's strange really, as I actually adore bitter drinks! I'm a huge fan of #Campari and I always love to indulge in a Campari and orange or three 😆 whilst on #holiday in Malta.

I've spent a lot of time in the #US over the past few years and they are absolutely besotted with hard #seltzer drinks, (alcoholic sparkling water) I refer to it as seltzer #fever, everywhere you go there are huge advertising billboards and sizeable seltzer displays in #supermarkets.

It's an already massive market, and one which continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Sales of hard seltzer are set to triple by the year 2023!! Currently this alcohol category sells circa 82 million cases (9 litres to a case) per annum! By 2023 its set to reach a staggering 280 million cases!! I told you it was a fever! 😅

Now our beloved Farsons brewery have rather cleverly I feel, had the foresight to throw their hat into the hard seltzer ring, and launch their very own version.

Kinnie Spritz Malta
Photo courtesy of Farsons brewery

Launched in 2021 - building on Kinnie’s inherent mixability and #versatility, Farsons is seeking to tap into the ‘Ready to Drink’ segment and #global spritz #phenomenon (seltzer fever 😆)

The drink is described as,

" a refreshingly light alcoholic #aperitivo, with a 4% abv content, ready to be enjoyed anywhere"

I'm really intrigued to try this, as,

  • its alcoholic 😃

  • it comprises 16% white wine 🙌

  • its main ingredient is carbonated water which will keep us all importantly hydrated in the hot, hot, Maltese sun! ☀

  • AND it sits at only 170 kcal per 250ml bottle. (equivalent to a large glass of vino)

Kinnie Spritz Malta
Photo courtesy of Farsons brewery

I'm going to overcome my past tasting judgement of virgin Kinnie and sample a drop on my next visit.

is to convert me! 😆

The proof my lovelies will indeed be in the tasting, and if you get to try this before I do, please do let me know your thoughts!

Before I go, here is a fab link to some #cool Kinnie food and drink recipes to try at #home. Yes you did read that right, apparently you can cook with Kinnie too, who knew eh!!

Kinnie chocolate cake
Photo courtesy of Farsons brewery

Again if anyone tries any of these recipes out, please do #share, I'd love to see your efforts, either tag #mimosamermaid1 in your social media, or you can also add into the comments on this travel blog.

I guess all that's left to say is cheers my dears, and until my very own taste test, this post is set to be continued.........................

Take care and speak soon

Tracy 😘

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