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Introducing Hera Cruises and an exclusive offer for followers of Mimosa Mermaid.

Is a holiday to #Malta even a holiday to #Malta without a boat trip?

The Maltese islands need to be explored from the sea as well as on land, and as they are petite in size they are easily #circumnavigable in a day!

My first choice for a cruise around the Maltese islands is always onboard Hera Cruises!

Girl onboard sailing boat

Read on and I will explain why!

First and foremost, Hera is an #exquisite and beautifully #luxurious Turkish #Gulet which is impeccably styled for comfort.

Secondly, it's pretty much a fully inclusive #cruise option.

Included is,

  • An open bar (#beer, #wine, soft drinks and water)

  • A morning snack of scrummy #Ftira.

  • A delicious cold buffet lunch, think a taste of the #Mediterranean on a plate!

Fresh Ftira Wedges

“Traditional Maltese Hobz biz-Zejt”

Made fresh tomatoes, capers, olives, onions

and pickled root vegetables, seasoned with olive oil and fresh basil

Greek Salad

Seasoned with olive oil, lettuce tomato`s cucumber and olives

Cold Pasta Salad

With Vegetables

Coleslaw Salad

Carrots Cabbage Onion tangy Mayo and Paprika


A combination of diced tomatoes, green bell peppers, capers, aubergines,

and olives sautéed in olive oil and garlic

Cold cut Platter

Ham, Chicken, Salami, Edam Cheese and beetroot

Bread, Galletti & Butter

Accompanied with fresh bread, galletti and butter portions

  • Refreshing fresh fruit

  • Full running commentary

  • Sun mats

  • Transport to and from your hotel

Optional extras

  • #Snorkelling equipment is available for a nominal fee (although due to Covid, you may wish to bring your own)

  • This one is a must - book the totally exhilarating and fun #Speedboat Tour of the Caves at Comino, its so much fun! Adults: €15.00 Children: €12.50

New for 2021!

  • The introduction of a beautiful new boat – Hera II.

  • Day Rental of a luxurious and air-conditioned cabin! How #awesome and #decadent is that!

I thoroughly recommend the HERA ROUND MALTA & COMINO BLUE LAGOON cruise - it's the perfect choice!

#Comino gets crazy busy in the #summer months, you can hardly find a sunbathing spot on this rough hot rock, and if you do, prepare to pack in like #sardines!

Onboard Hera you can enjoy the Blue Lagoon without any of the stress. Simply lay back and relax enjoying the large open spacious decks and the #chic saloon and bar area.

On this cruise, Hera departs from Sliema Ferries at 0930 and #cruises close to the shoreline ensuring you catch a glimpse at the various attractions and pretty villages along the way.

boat leaving sliema malta

These include,

The first #swim stop of the cruise is at the unique Fomm il-Rih, Malta’s undiscovered azure blue bay where the #sea is crystal clear and so beautifully inviting.

Then its onwards to Comino and the Blue Lagoon. The boat does berth ‘stern to’ allowing you to swim and #snorkel in the crystal clear azure blue waters (there are ladders to access the lagoon on both sides, and freshwater showers onboard for when you get out) or simply #sunbathe onboard if all you want to do is kick back and #relax (if it gets too hot there are canopies back and front where you can cool off in the shade).

Or you can also go for a little tootle on the #island (beware it's extremely hot 🥵🥵 here in the summer, so you may not be able to tootle too far, but I'm sure you could make it to one of the copious amounts of vendors and treat yourself to a refreshing umbrella drink) 😉🍹

Cocktail within a pineapple with umbrella

On the return journey the gulet cruises past,

Arriving back into #Sliema at 6pm or thereabouts.

Prices are absolutely super, just

• €57 per person (including return transport)

• €27 per child from 7 to 12 years (including return transport)

• Infants to 6 years are free with a nominal fee of just €5 for transport

• Day Rental of luxurious and air-conditioned cabins are available upon request

The alternative option is the HERA 3 BAY CRUISE INCLUDING COMINO & BLUE LAGOON

The first stop here is #Comino and the Blue Lagoon, then the gulet moves on to another swim stop in a secluded bay in #Gozo, then in the afternoon a last swim in another bay in #Malta. Times are similar, leaving Sliema at 0930 and arriving back slightly earlier at 1730.

Turkish gulet boat sailing in malta

Inclusive as cruise above and prices are as follows,

• €55 per person (including return transport)

• €27 per child from 7 to 12 years (including return transport)

• Infants to 6 years are free with a nominal fee of €5 for transport

• Day Rental of luxurious and air-conditioned cabins are available upon request


I love Hera cruises so much that I invited them to become a Partner, and I'm absolutely thrilled they accepted!

I'm equally delighted to advise that they have ever so kindly extended an exclusive discount code for all Mimosa Mermaid followers.

Simply email the lovely guys there on and quote MIMOSAMERMAID to receive a 5% discount on both cruise options.

I've also added this information to my Partners page where you can find links to my other partners and offers.

Until next time my lovelies, I wish you all a smooth sailing week

Much love

Tracy 😘

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