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How to listen to Malta radio from wherever you are in the world!

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Do you miss your #favourite #radio stations in #Malta? I know I most certainly do.

What if I told you that there is a way that you can listen to them all for free?

Would you be #excited?


Well without further ado, let me introduce you to Radio Garden Live!

"Radio Garden invites you to tune into thousands of live radio stations across the globe. By bringing distant voices close, radio connects people and places. Radio makers and listeners have imagined both connecting with distant cultures, as well as re-connecting with people from "home" from thousands of miles away."

It's a phone app which you can download free of charge either from the #Apple #iPhone App store or #Androids #Google Play store.

Once you've downloaded the App, you will have access to over 25.000 live radio stations across the #globe, including #joy of all joys, all of our "happy" radio stations in #Malta!

I always describe Maltese radio as "happy radio" as quite simply, it makes me #smile 😊

In the words of the late great Edwin Star


You'll always hear a long forgotten #classic, I'm forever exclaiming "Oh my goodness I haven't heard this in ages!!!" 😆🥰

It's also ground-breaking #radio too!

I will always #remember being on #holiday in the early 90's and hearing a #song I'd never heard before being played repeatedly. That song was Ride on Time by a group called Black Box.

It wasn't until several months later that it stormed into the #UK charts, and my friend and I felt just the teeniest tiniest bit smug, 😆 the same with Lou Bega's Mambo Number 5 😆

So, now to the app,

When you first download it, please make sure that you agree to "location settings" as by doing so this will also give you access to stations in your home town. I've found a super little station I didn't even know existed here!

First up you will see a screen which says "Planting Seeds" - (#garden, get it?)

The #green dots on the #map indicate all of the stations available to you. Clicking on the green dot will tune you straight into that particular station.

Every station is available in #Malta, Bay 89.7, Bay Retro, Smooth Radio Malta, Magic Malta, Calypso Radio to name but a few

It's just so lovely to be able to bring a little bit of the #islands #home.

There is a search facility to ease #navigation, simply type in #Malta into the search bar and every station will drop into the list below.

You can also easily set your favourites by clicking on the #heart next to that station ❤

Once you have added stations into your favourites list, clicking onto the ❤ will take you directly there.

My station #HAPPY at the moment is San Gwann's Vibe FM 88.7

I'm totally into their #upbeat #weekend warmup sessions. They are aired around the same time that I'd usually be getting ready to hit the town, aw, the good old days eh 😂😤

Honestly you can have hours of endless #fun with this.

I must just quickly tell you about one more fun find!

If you click on "search" before you type anything in, you will see a list of #quirky stations pop up,

Do take a little peek 😊

Finally I've popped together a short #demo #video below which will walk you through how to use the app, you'll manage absolutely fine though 😊

I simply couldn't keep this little find all to myself and what a better day to share the #love with you all than on #ValentinesDay 💕💕💕

I truly think this is the next best thing since sliced (Maltese) bread! 😆

Have a super day everyone, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy listening to your very own station #HAPPY



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