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Happy 2nd birthday Mimosa Mermaid!

When I launched my #travel #blog 2 years ago I had no idea of the uncharted territory which lay ahead.

What a #rollercoaster ride this has been, so much has changed in the space of a mere 24 months!

I've worked in the travel and #aviation industry all of my working life, and the restrictions we now face truly break my heart.


We are getting there, how awesome is the UK vaccination programme!

I'm 100% backing Boris's decision today to delay our full reopening for another month. We've come so far thus it makes complete sense to me that we get as many people vaccinated as we can before doing so.

I for one am extremely #proud and #happy to be fully vaccinated!

Sadly I don't think we will see any additions to the green list whilst this delay is in place, but at least it gives the #UK and #Maltese governments more time to thrash out a workable vaccine passport solution for us.

We have to have something, otherwise with costly #COVID-19 testing requirements, touristic footfall on the islands this year will be extremely light (regardless of the incentives the MTA have put in place for #tourists.)

#Eternally a glass half full lassie, I know we will get there, just maybe not to our desired timeline.

Until then, I will keep the Malta travel advice, announcements, my thoughts and recommendations coming, that way we can all hit the ground running when we feel #confident and #safe enough to do so.

To leave you today, I've recorded a few #heartfelt words.

By this time next year, I'm hoping we are not only #celebrating Mimosa Mermaids 3rd #birthday but also celebrating the fact we've all been onboard oodles of #airplanes and drank copious amounts of Maltese #beer and #wine 😅

#Cheers my dears 😘


Jun 14, 2021

Congrats on 2 yrs Mim. Well done! We'll all get there. Me, I'm still hopeful as I'm later in the year.🥂

Mimosa Mermaid
Mimosa Mermaid
Jun 14, 2021
Replying to

Thank you!

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