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Fun things to do in Malta - The Rolling Geeks Tour!

Have you ever stood in the Upper Barrakka Gardens in #Valletta gazing in awe across the Grand Harbour to the mega #yachts in the distance and the amazing #architecture of Fort St. Angelo?

View from Upper Barrakka Gardens Valletta across the Grand Harbour to Vittoriosa Marina

Have you ever wondered what that area is, or aspired to visit but not yet made it across?

Well I urge you to do so, for two reasons!


The area you are staring #dreamily across at is the richest #historical area of the islands. The picturesque inlets of the Three Cities of #Senglea (Invicta), #Cospicua (Bormla) and #Vittoriosa (Birgu).

Vittoriosa Three Cities Malta

Off the beaten track, the Three Cities are largely unvisited by #tourists which is an absolute crying shame.

The whole area is simply stunning, and is in the most part still pretty much undeveloped, therefore providing a true glimpse of the #Malta of yesteryear.

Here you can #explore the tiny charming narrow alleyways and winding streets, adorned with the most ornate and beautiful Maltese balconies, vividly colourful front doors and traditional brass knockers of every description. There are forts, bastions and lookouts to discover, along with a beach you probably didn't even know existed! We can also throw into the mix a Smart City and the Malta Film Studio too!


There is a truly #unique tour which I implore you to do - the magnificent Rolling Geeks Tour!

I discovered this tour around 5 years ago, having visited the islands for four decades it was wonderful to find something new to do! This tour is sooooooo much #fun, and so very different to anything you will find anywhere else on the islands.

Rolling Geeks offer the opportunity to explore the #beautiful Three Cities in your very own self drive talking electric car!

Each car comes complete with a pre-programmed #GPS system which not only helps you to navigate your way around with ease, but also explains to you exactly what you are looking at and passing by too!

How #awesome is that!

When the islands open up for visitors again, if you are a little nervous about taking a large group tour, this tour option is perfect for you. You have your own car and you can take this tour at your own pace in the #safety of your own little bubble. Plus the navigation system is just like having your very own tour guide., so you receive the full benefits of an organised excursion, but with the freedom, safety and security of being in your own #quirky space.

Rolling Geeks Electric Talking Car Sightseeing Tour Malta Three Cities

I really can't stress enough how much fun this is.

The cars are very #safe and extremely easy to drive, plus they can get into the smallest of spaces which the average hire car just can't reach, ensuring unbelievably breath-taking #photo opportunities! Plus, being electric you are doing your bit for the #environment too!

Narrow streets Vittoriosa Three Cities Malta Rolling Geeks Tour

I would strongly recommend for you to enjoy this tour to its fullest, that you hire the car for at least 2.5 hours. This will ensure a whistle stop, pack everything in #tour.

Your #adventure starts at the #magnificent Grand Harbour Marina at Vittoriosa, with a plethora of mega and super yachts berthed at your feet and bountiful #trendy waterfront restaurants and cafe's.

But this is your tour and you choose to do this your way!

Should you feel drawn to that #quaint piazza café you can very easily park up and enjoy a cuppa and a ftira or pastizzi, or you can even pick up a Rolling Geeks picnic bag consisting of a sandwich, fresh fruit and a soft drink for only Euro 6.50 per person and enjoy an hour or so relaxing at the gorgeous little known #beach at Rinella Bay. Or simply gasp at the #splendour of the many hidden architectural gems dotted all around you on your journey.

Your talking car is #multilingual too! Enjoy discovering the sights in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Mandarin.

The major highlight of the tour for me was the visit to Gardjola Gardens with it's panoramic views across Marsa, Valletta, the Grand Harbour and Fort St. Angelo. The gardens date back to the 1500's and it's here you will find the iconic guard tower built right at the tip of the bastions. The guard tower, ‘Il-gardjola’, has various scared symbols sculpted into it including the all important eye, which is a popular icon representing Malta which you will often see painted onto the bows of the colourful fishing boats (luzzu) and the crane bird guarding and protecting the islands shores.

View of Grand Harbour from inside Guard Tower at Il Gardjola Gardens Senglea Three Cities

If you can drag yourself away from here - trust me, it's tough, there is so much more to enjoy too.

This tour truly has something for everyone, catering to #families, #groups of ##friends and couples alike. Additional highlights enroute include the Maritime Museum, the Inquisitors Palace and its cultural National Museum of Ethnography, the Malta at War Museum and Esplora, Malta's National Interactive Science Centre located in Kalkara.

Do look out for #funny road signs too, it's a thing I always do on the islands, it always tickles me no end. #onlyinmalta 😅

Hedgehog crossing Malta Three Cities Funny Road Sign

There are three fabulous Rolling Geeks features I simply must share with you,

1. SOS Button

I've tried this and it works 😆

Each vehicle offers full tracking, so if like me, you get a little carried away taking in the sights and take a wrong turn resulting in becoming totally lost 😆 you can hit the #SOS Button and the guys will either talk you back on track, or come #rescue you and you can follow them to get back on track. Whilst slightly embarrassing, 🙈😆 this is an invaluable benefit when time is of the essence!

2. Selfie Camera! 🤳📷

Come on, own up, who doesn't love sneaking the odd #selfie here and there 😆 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ The magnificent GPS system in your car also has an awesome selfie camera feature! Snap away to your hearts content! In the photo below, my friends driving was leaving a lot to be desired😆

3. Inclement weather 🌧 cover and disposable raincoats.

Hard to believe I know,😉 but it does sometimes #rain in the #sunny Maltese Islands!

But never fear, the Rolling Geeks have our backs! It's still possible to take your tour as the 2 front seats are completely covered and the 2 back seats offer partial cover too. If the rain is too heavy to enjoy your day though, you can take a, pardon the pun, take a rain check 😅 and reschedule to another day within a six month window 🙌

The guys have thought of everything and also sell disposable rain coats which you can purchase when you collect your car.

All rental rates are inclusive of;

  • Pre-programmed GPS guide

  • Multi-lingual electronic guide

  • Live tracking of the cars from the office and a two way communication system in each Rolling Geek, enabling assistance and fast intervention if necessary

  • A bottle of water per person

  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance

  • Vat

  • Rain covers when necessary

Important things to note,

  • A valid driver’s license must be presented at the time of pick-up.

  • The minimum driver age is 21, maximum 75 years.

  • The maximum weight in the car cannot exceed 300kg

  • The tour isn't advised for pregnant ladies

Lastly but by no means least!

I'm overjoyed to announce that Rolling Geeks are the latest company to join Mimosa Mermaid's coveted partners list and as such have been extremely kind to provide my readers with an awesome discount code!

Quote "Mimosa Mermaid" in the comments section when booking your tour online, or over the phone and receive an awesome 5% discount! 🤩

I whole heartedly recommend that you try this tour, you really won't be disappointed!

We've never laughed so much, or exclaimed "wow" "look at that" "stunning" "beautiful" more.

Mind you, we also exclaimed in a slightly different manner, when a couple of kamikaze #cats ran out in front of us and an #angry bus driver overtook us gesticulating madly 😆

Please, go, enjoy, and explore - you'll have the best fun you've had in ages!

Until next time, take care and stay safe my lovelies, final words today go to the wonderful Rolling Geeks,

"Come roll with the geeks, and see what a tour without boundaries feels like"

**For full contact information please visit my Partners page**


May 09, 2021

It's what brings me back. 3 more trips since then. But we catch up every visit.


Craig McKay
Craig McKay
May 09, 2021

Excellent blog Tracy. The three cities are a cracking place to visit. Tal Petut restaurant in Birgu is fabulous. Authentic, slow cooked Maltese dishes served in original setting. You’ll love it!

Mimosa Mermaid
Mimosa Mermaid
May 09, 2021
Replying to

Thanks so much Craig! The Three Cities are one of my favourite places to visit and this tour is so much fun. Thanks so much for the recommendation I will pop it on my list for my next visit 😀


May 09, 2021

Been travelling with them since their start year 2014. Wonderful, friendly people. Will see them again in Oct.

Mimosa Mermaid
Mimosa Mermaid
May 09, 2021
Replying to

Oh wow! Amazingly kind 😊

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