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A lovely cash incentive to spend 10+ days on the beautiful island of Gozo.

The Gozo Ministry has released details of an Extended Stay Incentive Scheme - the aim of which is to "attract quality tourists to Gozo all year round."

Tourists visiting Gozo for at least 10 days between 15 October 23 and 15 March 24 will be given a 30% discount up to a maximum of €300 off their booking if they stay at one of 140 participating properties.

We are still awaiting the list of accommodations, but there is a lovely mix, with something to suit everyone's taste and budget.

  • four- and five-star hotels,

  • boutique hotels,

  • self-catering villas

  • and my favourite, farmhouses jam packed with character.

Tourists who take up this fabulous offer will be enticed to return in the summer of 24 with an additional 10% voucher to be used against their future booking.

(The discount is being co-financed between the government (80%) and the private sector (20%).

As Malta's sleepier and much smaller sister island, a stay of this length won't be for everyone. Me? Well I'm a convert and I'd happily spend 10 days exploring and enjoying this wonderful little rock.

Watch this space - I'll update with more information as/when it's released.

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